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SVIP & VIP 50% Cost and Shipping Increases Reply

    As you guys already know AN is now taking 50% of profits from SVIP and VIP after 10% as well as any revenue from shipping charges due to increase cost of operations.

    This is completely understandable in my view, especially given the rise of the Chinese currency. However, I think the way they go about it doesn't make much sense for anything from the VIPs, SVIPs, their members or AN for that matter. A better way is for AN to simply increase their prices of products by a buck or 2 and introduce a shipping cost for VIPs maybe like $2 or so.

    This makes the system a lot simpler and allows us to market our websites better. Furthermore, the 50% cut on shipping incentives people to just give free shipping. This is a more logical way to go about it and has been suggested to me by multiple VIP members of mine.

    I believe with the increases our sites can still be competitive against Cafepress, but with this 50% way of accounting for cost increase it makes it very blurry and a hard to sell. I hope an AN staff can comment on this issue and potentially change the way cost increases are approached.
6/5/2014 12:31:34
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