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Chris Pelgrift
Simple Objectives ... Difficult Proces Reply

    Sorry in advance for the tome that follows ... a need to vent I suppose ...

    I have tested a large number of other "design your own" sites and there were many aspects of AN and it's product line I liked. BUT, beginning the process of establishing free store/Reseller toward actual orders/shipments has been very difficult and with an even more frustrating lack of support. My specific challenge is that I don't have a Bulk Order menu in the left panel of the AN website (when I am logged in and my account fully established as a Reseller), and so I have no way of carrying out the Bulk Order process they require to take advantage of the Reseller pricing. All my base prices show "regular" pricing and with shipping costs added in (not free).

    On the whole, I find this system very unintuitive, quirky and with a vast set of process pieces that are not explained nor guided -- even with the very limited help of those videos they use. Those don't help much. This might all be okay if there was support available to fill in the gaps or hand-hold as necessary. It seems there's a non-answering phone and a mysterious 48-hour email system ... not okay if I am trying to meet a customer delivery deadline.
    I am sure I sound like I'm whining ... like, well why don't you just go somewhere else -- with simpler, user-friendly systems and a website "culture" that just feels normal ... and with answers to questions?
    BUT, all of these business models, products, prices, and processes have trade-offs and I found AN to be perfect for my needs IF I could just operate my basic business within it.

    Could someone:
    a) feel my pain,
    b) advise me about the absence of a Bulk Order section/menu,
    c) advise best way to get support,
    d) shed some light on the AN clones and why so "stealth-ish", and
    e) tell me how an enterprise that has challenging systems, and no support can stay in business for 8 years to date????

    I just don't get it.
3/22/2014 10:31:42 AM
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