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Fred Virgo
Should I bring back the How To Manual???? Reply

    Good afternoon fellow members,

    Some years ago I had created a How To manual which showed how to open, create and setup your Artsnow store.

    I had stopped it about a year ago as there was no interest and no one used it but since it's been a while and there are many new AN members, I was thinking that perhaps I should bring it back so you would have access to it. It is free and I use very simple and easy to understand directions plus lots of actual photos of how to do it.

    If you feel that you would like me to bring it back, please post here and let me know. It is a LOT of work getting it back but to me, it's worth it IF IT will be used.

    Me? I've been with Artsnow since 2006 and don't mind helping.

    Melbourne FL
    Classic Ads website.
    My Ebay store.
2/26/2014 6:06:27 AM

Julie Paillon
RE:Should I bring back the How To Manual???? Reply

    I am interested.

2/27/2014 5:03:45 AM

Cody Phoenix
RE:Should I bring back the How To Manual???? Reply

    Hi Fred,

    I find your posts very helpful and informative. I've been able to catch on to most things with patience in watching AN's videos with no sound but always love to have all the information I can.

    I was beginning to wonder if there were even any current active members with stores as most things I see either don't work.

    I'm interest to find out how people get on with the drop shipping for eBay as 2-4 weeks for delivery seems like a long time. I ordered a few items for myself to see how quality is and am anxious to get the items and it's only been 8 working days since they were shipped.

    If your offer to supply the How To Manual is still available, I'd be first in-line to learn. Being on disability and home all day I thought this might be an opportunity to make a little extra plus have something to do.

    Cody Marie
11/6/2014 1:57:05 AM
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