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Monica S Drake
New Store Reply

    I haven't seen a whole lot of current posts for 2012 but I wanted to introduce myself anyway. My store is at or It's focus is on personal growth and declarations, but most of all-God Inspired. The ideas came from me of course and all graphics were designed by my brother. I took one word or phrase from scriptures in the Holy Bible and the rest of it was done by my bro. My brand is named I AM so for the shirts that are double-sided, I AM is on the front and the declaration is one the back.
    I decided to use this company because I long to be an entrepreneur actually have always wanted to be, but it is amazing what trouble and dysfunctional working environments will do for you. You want excellence and you care about your image, but the management or co workers aren't as concerned about it as you are=time to build your own corporation.
    I am very hopeful that my store will exceed my expectations and wanted to say hello to my new family. I have been having technical issues and as I am typing even now, I just received an email from AN about my issues. I have learned alot through my journey.
    Thanks to everyone for your input, past and present.
8/10/2012 10:16:03
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