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Ashley Howard
Bringing in Fall Reply

    If your home décor has a rustic feel, then one way to keep things fresh and interesting is to not only decorate for holidays, but to also bring some of the changing seasons in doors.

    The simplest way to do this is through colors and scents. Place scented candles around the home, especially cinnamon and vanilla, apple, pumpkin, and English pear. If your home can handle the added smells, without being overwhelming, feel free to use soaps and room freshening sprays in these scents also.

    Fall colors are warm colors, especially browns, purples, oranges, yellows, and dark greens. Pale creams and deep golds can add depth, while coppery reds can add rich elegance. Use these colors in fabrics, wall colors, accent pieces, and lamps, vases, and bottles.

    Furniture pieces can be painted the colors of the earth, so they will match through the changes of each season’s décor. Try to keep a vintage or worn look to maintain the rustic feel.

    Replace flower arrangements with gourds, branches, nuts, berries, bark, rocks, and leaf collections. Add in Navajo-styled or earth tone throws, rugs, and pillows, fall colored tableware, and rustic-styled kitchen and bath towels and you’ll have the perfect autumn décor that will keep your home warm and cozy clear through winter and the early spring rains.

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11/8/2012 17:16:56
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