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Image size requirement on Ebay Reply

    Starting this fall, Ebay will require to provide at least 500 pixels to the longest side of our images. This will be a major problem!
    When I save an image from Artsnow, it measures 480x480 pixels, will that be enough???
    Maybe we should contact Artsnow and ask them to enlarge the size of the images.
10/7/2012 0:54:41

Tracy Murphy
RE:Image size requirement on Ebay Reply

    My thoughts exactly! I'm hoping they adjust the image sizes to 500px at some point, seeing as many people here sell on Ebay. As a temporary fix, I use Irfanview to resize my images. So far, so good.
10/9/2012 5:31:57

RE:Image size requirement on Ebay Reply

    it is quite simple, you can use some sort of image SDK program to resize or crop images for you. maybe image resizerwould be the one you are looking for.
29/10/2013 11:12:38
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