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Lori Ross
Shipping Worldwide , question please Reply

    I want to sell world wide on eBay but without knowing how much any particular
    shipment might weigh,or what size the box or shipping envelope might be { and maybe multiples in any one package }, how can you even start to know how much to charge for foreign shipping ? THank you -

    And you know... ARTSNOW {hope they read this } needs to have a lot better and complete info for the
    sellers. I mean really. I could have already been selling except they really don't tell you how
    to do anything. It would be better for them as well, if they did, because I'm sure they'd get more
    things sold if they could just add some pages on how to go about things. They don't answer emails.

5/12/2011 12:35:38

RE:Shipping Worldwide , question please Reply

    Just wait, it will get better. I wish you luck.
    Before you start thinking $250,000 a year is RICH, use your noodle and find out for yourself!
7/12/2011 22:01:24
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