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Fred Virgo
Repost of my 'secret' - getting more traffic to your store Reply


    I'll give you one of many secrets I've been using to get customers.
    I build a website specific to the product I'm selling. I load it up with facts, photos and good information.

    Vistors to the website come there to see what I have posted there. On the side or somewhere in the website, I have links to my selling website(s).

    A good example is my dragon website This is a site for people interested in dragons. They can click onto the links to see about the printing of t-shirts and such that I offer. I haven't done much with it in a long time but this is another project that I need to update but hopefully, you'll see what I mean.

    In a nutshell, create a website that relates to your design/artwork theme: paintings, cars, animals, pets, etc... Load it up with quality content and have links to your artscafe store prominent. If your website has quality and you update it with new and fresh information, your visitors will come back and hopefully they'll click onto your artscafe store links and buy. Just be sure your artwork goes with your website. Kind of silly to have a website about dogs and your artwork is about cars.

    Hope this helps.

    Melbourne FL

    Classic Ads website.
    SVIP store since 2008 - join us.
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19/7/2011 5:24:58

Great Gift Specialty
RE:Repost of my 'secret' - getting more traffic to your store Reply

    Great idea. I use to commnunicate with other users that actively blogging. When I give comments in their blogs and give my link, they register in my super VIP store.
3/9/2011 19:48:10
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