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Fred Virgo
Not making any sales? My thoughts. Reply

    Good morning,

    Pretty quiet here in the forum so thought I would add a new discussion to see if we can get ourselves thinking about sales.

    Not selling anything from your store? Ebay or other auction sites?

    Are you marketing your store? Are you using the same product descriptions that AN uses? Using the same generic images to display your products? Is your AN store showing the same free templates they offer?

    Maybe it's time to rethink how you are selling and to think like a customer. Change the HTML on your store headers/footers. Use your own product descriptions - this way customers doesn't think it comes from AN, especially Ebay sellers.

    Take your product images from your store and maybe rotate them to the right or the left a bit. Just so it looks different.

    Do you sell from a website? How do visitors find your website vs. your store? Is there anything about your website that would make visitors want to go there? Any content other than your products? Maybe you should create a website and have it specialize in what you like to do or know about - pets, birds, cars, etc... and have some images in the website linked to your store or your shopping cart in your store.

    Any thoughts or comments?

    Melbourne FL
    My Ebay store
    Classic Ads website.B]
    [B]Clipart ready to use for your products.
9/7/2011 0:09:56

Diana-Lee Saville
RE:Not making any sales? My thoughts. Reply

    I'm new here but thought I'd add my two cents worth...I have been selling through facebook! I have been a member of redbubble and cafe press for a few years and have a regular fan base

    I mainly do t-shirts. I design everything I do. I don't use clip art.
    I am still uploading designs to ArtsNow but am getting a great response through my customers on FB.
30/3/2012 18:27:40

RE:RE:Not making any sales? My thoughts. Reply

    I completely left Ebay. And all my sales are through Facebook now. I make more on Facebook and so much happier!
    Before you start thinking $250,000 a year is RICH, use your noodle and find out for yourself!
8/5/2012 20:38:38
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