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Kelley Badgerow
Support a fellow artist ~ (SVIP) Reply

    Now open for biz, a SVIP, to create your custom photo gifts. My site also offers graphic design services... if you just do not know how to take your digital files and create the product, not sure how to setup a free store at optimize the file manager, create sections, and so forth I can do that for a small fee.

    I am a fellow artist and I been utulizing AN for a while. I use free store, domain store and the drop shipping program so famaliar with most of it. Due to a back condition, severe cervical dyplacia (almost cancerious), and IBS (all diagnosised in 2009) --- I am using ANs SVIP program as my second job to make income to help pay all the darn doctor bills. So come on over --- is just like AN --- and tell all your friends and family about it!

    Thanks for looking,

21/3/2010 10:43:24

Gary Younkin
RE:Support a fellow artist ~ (SVIP) Reply

22/3/2010 12:00:34
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