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Rich Tubbs
Can AN make page titles customizable Reply

    I just opened my first free store and am busy making tweaks to get some search traffic. One thing I'd really like to do is adjust the page title to something more pertinent to my store and its contents.

    Currently my store, and every store hosted on ArtsNow, has the following title...

    Store Home - The #1 eBay Dropshipper | Dropshipping Services for eBay & Home Business Dropshippers | ArtsNow

    This really does me no good. Nowhere does it mention my store name or name of my products. And it doesn't do a whole lot of good for ArtsNow either, because nowhere on my store do I tout the eBay dropshipping service.

    So how about it, why not allow us to control page titles?
26/2/2010 8:46:21

RE:Can AN make page titles customizable Reply

    You can update here:

    Login your a/c, All Stores>Edit

    Update your own : Title in web browser

    CEO & Executive Director
27/2/2010 22:06:11

Rich Tubbs
RE:Can AN make page titles customizable Reply


    Is that new?

    If so, it's Awesome! Perfect! You Rock! Woot Woot.

    If not, sorry for being blind.
2/3/2010 7:03:38
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