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Fred Virgo
How to wholesale from your store Reply

    Good afternoon,

    A while ago I made a post about wholesaleing si I thought I would talk about it a bit more here.

    I'm not going to talk about the why's of it, just the how's.

    1. To my way of thinking, it makes no difference if you have a free store, reseller, VIP or SVIP, I would think the basics would be the same. The only difference would be YOUR base price. The base price for any item IS different dependiong on the type of store you have.

    2. How to set my wholesale price? Look at what your Base price is for the item. Let's say you want to wholesale lighters. The base price for each is as follows:

    SVIP$6.00 Reseller $6.50 VIP $7.50 Free $8.50 (hypothetical $$).

    3. Remember that EACH lighter can be individually personalized with images, text, etc.. Offer the same design for a club but with each lighter with a different name on it? Be creative for you are offering wholeasale pricing and each item can have a different name OR image on it.

    4. Make a website that is NOT part of your AN store. Do not use their text, descriptions, images, etc... USE YOUR OWN! Be creative and let your customers think that this is something that only YOU are offering.

    5. Do a search (Google, yahoo, etc..) and use the words: personalized lighters, flip top lighters, custom lighters, etc... Visit other website and conectrate on the first 10 website of each search. See what they are selling, how they are selling it, do they offer wholesale pricing, bulk discounts? What is there minimum order? Can each one be personalized? Do they offer 100 lighters with each one having a different design or persons name?

    6. Now, how can you better what they offer? Personalization, one piece minimum? What is their shiiping charge? What is yours? How long doe they say their delivery takes? How about you?

    Compare what they offer and see what you can do to make YOUR LIGHTERS BETTER?

    7. Ok. You now know what you're going to sell, what is is and what you're going to offer. Now to sell it. Create a website where you list and display your lighters. Use LOTS of samples. SHOW how each lighter could be personalized for that club, organization, etc. with different images of their logo, design, words, etc...

    8. Need lots of images? Easy to do. Look in your design library on your computer and see what you may have or what you can create. You can use an image size of 100x100 pixels.

    A. Take one lighter, erase the background if you prefer (I didn't), and clean it up as this will be your 'Master' lighter. Here I used an image 100x138 pixels as my master.

    B. Make a copy of the finished 'master' lighter and place it somewhere so you will know where it is.

    C. Create a separate folder on your computer and label it 'wholesale lighter thumbnails'.

    D. Go to your regular folder where you have the actual artwork and COPY all images you wish to use as samples.

    E. Paste them into your 'wholesale lighter thumbnails' folder.

    F. Using your favorite graphics program reduce the images you want to use for display. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and I reduced my images down to (about) 70x60 pixels.

    G. I then 'copied' the reduced artwork and 'pasted'it onto the lighter as a new layer, then saved it as 'billiards 100, carousel100, etc... In the below samples, I typed in a few lines of text.

    These are my images that I will use on my website. To create a thumbnail which my customers will click on to view more details and a larger picture, I can actually reduce each image to maybe 50 or 75 pixels wide and label these as (example) t_billiards100.jpg, t_carousel100.jpg, etc.. The t_ would show that this is the thumbnail.

    H. I would then place the thumbnails (the 50x50 images) onto the main page(s) and use THESE Images to link to the appropriate page where the full sized image of the lighter will be shown. The full sized image in this case, would be the 100 pixels wide lighter or whatever size you wish to use.

    9. OK. Got our lighters ready, your website ready, now create/edit your pages and get to work.

    10. I would suggest starting on your inde.html page first. This is the first page where everyone will go. This page will either get your customers interest or make 'em leave.

    A. When creating any page, especially the index page, DO NOT put every image on that page. Place a fe thumbnails either by category, price, attractiveness, color scheem, etc.. on this page. You ant the first impression to make a potential customer to actually go INTO your website to SEE what you are selling. Turn the potential customer into an actual customer.

    11. Pricing - what to charge? This is up to you. Again, see what others are selling theirs for for the SAME or very similar product. Look at their total cost for the product. Do they have a setup charge? Screen charge? Minimum? Do you offer a minimum of one piece?

    A. If you are a Free store or reseller, look at your base price. Can you take your base price add a few $ for profit and sell for less or equal to your competitor? Just figure your BASE price from your AN store and what you would sell them for. Offer discounts in bulk. EX: 1-10 at $12.00 each, 11-24 @10.50 each, 25-100 at $9.00 each, etc... As I don't know what the current market is for lighters, is there room to add a few $ for shipping?

    I'll close for now but I hope I explained it so it sorta makes sense. I hope this helps and as always, your comments are appreciated. Any comment you make here makes me know that at least someone is really reading this and hopefully helps them.



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9/10/2009 8:21:34

RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    Great info! As far as the images go, how do you pick the image like Cadillac and be sure they are okay to use. I have read sooooo much information on this copyright stuff and from what I have read (because of the Obama photo-art issue) you can take any picture, change it into art, and then it yours to use. Is this what you understand it to be?
9/10/2009 11:05:14

Gary Younkin
RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    Ok i must have been in a daze, what is with this obama picture art issue, is there something i missed, do you know a link where i can read this info
25/10/2009 6:17:17

RE:RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    I know there was something about the guy taking someone's else picture and changing it. Then there is also something about the First Use Doctrine.

    >Ok i must have been in a daze, what is with this obama picture art issue, is there something i missed, do you know a link where i can read this info
    -----------------------------------------------'s that CHANGE working for you now?
26/10/2009 5:19:11

Gary Younkin
RE:RE:RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    hi all well i look up some stories on the net about this so called photo from the AP now wanting compensation for the photo which was used for reference to make a poster that the Obama campaign even used. So the question of it being infringing, plagrism, in my review of the artwork is clearly a vector piece of artwork, which is tracing of an image or element, but is it infringing or a deriative work, id say deriative work.

    Its coporate greed that is involved in this case, if he had no monetary gain from this poster, then I dont think the AP would even pursue. Why the AP only stops there, you can go to any print on demand site and probally see similar designs of Obama.

    The copyright law needs revision, especially since alot of artwork is created by software these days
13/11/2009 16:42:22

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    And the photo was splattered all over Ebay in various media. I know I saw several AN sellers with that photo on their products. Just goes to show how far the stupidity of people really goes. IMHO

    Why the AP only stops there, you can go to any print on demand site and probally see similar designs of Obama.
    >The copyright law needs revision, especially since alot of artwork is created by software these days
    -----------------------------------------------'s that CHANGE working for you now?
14/11/2009 8:36:57

Gary Younkin
RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    Hi Fred, I was looking at your post and you know there are freebie programs that will create your page and generate thumbnails, then you can just zip up the lighters from AN and download, run it through the software and then upload the images and thumbs to your hosting service, open the html page in a editor and replace all the url's with the ones you uploaded. When thats done save and upload your new page
1/1/2010 21:23:56

Dave Hughes
RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:How to wholesale from your store Reply

    Good grief i am so guys know your stuff...and im enjoying reading....thanx For all the tips...i never even gave wholsesale a thought...nice one
12/1/2010 3:00:31
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