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Ron Tennison
Greeting card problem Reply

    I may be a real newbie here, but have been in the business for many years. In another POD we use a greeting card image that is 1080x1560. The size listed on the chart here for the greeting card is 1050x1500. Our current image is larger than the requirement here. I am, however getting a warning in the designer that the image is too small and will not print well. On fabric prints I would not worry much, but on paper this concerns me.
    Is the template chart wrong? If it is wrong about that, are there other products that it is incorrect about also? Or is the designer wrong? The designer seems to want to wrap the image front to back on the card also, which seems silly to me. Yes, I have adjusted for that, so it prints like a greeting card should.
    One other question, am I correct that you can print on the back of the "greeting cards" but not on the inside? To me they should then be described as "note cards" not "greeting cards"

9/9/2009 11:07:36

Kelley Badgerow
RE:Greeting card problem Reply

    Jean, simple create a new file 7"x10" with the resolution of your choice. Open the digital file of the image you want to use for it and crop it to 5x7 with the same resolution of the 7x10. Drag this cropped image into the 7x10 file and align it right. Add text to the left if you want then save this 7x10 file. You may need to adjust the image in the design area of create area.
6/3/2010 12:40:13
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