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Fred Virgo
New Template for the Umbrellas Reply

    Good afternoon,

    I've just completed a new template for the new unbrellas that AN is getting us ready for. The template outline is in RED ink, 4 points wide.

    It was created using Paint Shop Pro 7. The background is transparent and set a 78 DPI. The grey/blue you see is to show you the template outline.

    As it appears the panels in Silverlight have a slight bow on the side - bowed outwards - I would recommend when filling in the actual template, to expand the background color past the outside edges of the template just a bit.

    As far as resizing the template, when you drag the template onto the panel, just click the 'Zoom Out' button only one (1) time and this will bring the red border to the edges of the panel.

    The curved portion on the bottom: I tried to make a curve. It appears to be OK but if you color in the background (again), go past the red border on the outline.

    I would RECOMMEND that when using this template, you create a layer for the background color, a second layer for the actual photo or artwork. When you are done, I would delete the layer that has the actual red line for the template. This way you will end up with 2 layers: 1 is the background color, the second is your photo.

    SAVE AS a PNG file to keep the transparent background. Do NOT save as a jpg.

    Image size is 1277 pixels wide X 1638 pixels high. File size is about 150 KB.

    This template is free and if you wish, you may PM me and request the template or e-mail me directly at requesting the umbrella template.

    Hope this helps.

    Melbourne FL
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28/6/2009 0:58:21

RE:New Template for the Umbrellas Reply

    hi Fred,

    Umbrella has a slight bow on the side - bowed outward.

    You'd better change the layout.
    CEO & Executive Director
28/6/2009 22:55:38

Fred Virgo
RE:RE:New Template for the Umbrellas Reply

    Hello Berry,

    Yes. There is a slight bow outwards.

    I tried to manipulate the side lines but couldn't get them to arc. I found that by adding a 1/2-1" background color on the same layer as the background color, then it works fine - you have to delete the actual template itself prior to uploading to Silverlight.

    If you do not want to use your own background color/pattern, then just place your photos anywhere in the red triangle. When done, delete the triangle and upload to SL. The bow on the panel will make no difference. Once the image has been uploaded, then we can use any of the SL background pattersns and colors.

    But you have to delete the template image itself prior to uploading.

    Thank you for the help. It is appreciated.

    Melbourne FL

    >hi Fred,
    >Umbrella has a slight bow on the side - bowed outward.
    >You'd better change the layout.
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29/6/2009 1:34:22

Kitty Cat
RE:RE:RE:New Template for the Umbrellas Reply

    My store is VIP
    I am wanting to design umbrellas but can't find them in the pruduct list. How can I design them and add them to my store?
    Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat
9/12/2009 23:48:47
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