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Gale Langley
New Blog Reply

    Hi! I just started a new blog to promote the shops on the various PODS I use. I'd love your feedback and suggestions...especially suggestions of ways to get the word out about my blog and good ideas for posts. Thanks!
6/25/2009 1:22:10 AM

Gary Younkin
RE:New Blog Reply

    hi i checked out your blog, but it seems to do harm on us that continue to sell with AN, on your lead test on zinc keychains, and then mentioning you pulled your product line, so not sure if it would be good for us to refer people over too. Other than that it is a good blog site, seems similar to one of mine, but mine is soley focused on designs, random art i like on the web, but I will follow your blog snd see how your other shops are doing as I have one with Spreadshirt and Zazzle, but i need to also focus on building those shops up, you mentioned a way to get more exposure on your blog, where can i find this info
8/28/2009 3:45:07 AM
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