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About shipment problems, out of stock problems, crazy Christmas sales !!!!!!! Reply

    Dear all resellers, supervips, vip store owners and other members,

    In the last 60 days, it is very exciting days for , sales volumes in recent two months increase 200% suddenly than several month ago. It did cause some order processing overloaded with our drop shipping system. We need to hire more staff in China factory to produce orders, and more staff in Hong Kong to process the shipment of orders.

    We are so sorry about the shipment delay problems caused during last few weeks.

    Here are our internal / latest situation, hope can help all of you to understand more with us:

    1. On average, there are about 2-3 days delay than regular shipments before, because too many orders suddenly in the Christmas seasons, we will do much more preparation for 2008's Christmas seasons.

    2. For earrings and raglan hoodies, we experienced about 10-15 days out of stocks, now all shipments were going out, please try to ask your buyers be more patients, most of them should be arrived before Christmas, if order before 05-Dec-2007.

    3. For hottest items, like watches, mousepad, wall clocks, money case, business card holder, dog tags, and so on, there are no problems at all.

    4. If you got any shipment problems, please try to communicate with your buyers, if they want re-shipment (if still no shipment about 30 days), and just re-ship it. If the 5% refund discount can't cover your loss, please contact me by MSN Live Messenger ( ) , we will do some special arrangement with you.

    5. We just applied the new Address Label Systems, and Stamp system, which can make the shipment process in Hong Kong faster than before.

    We are really sorry about that. We are growing too fast, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    The good news is that we are now stronger than before, we are profitable to hire more staff in China and Hong Kong, to process all orders as soon as possible. We hope all shipments can be arrived to your buyers within 8-12 business days from the date you piad.

    And we promised that most products (except clothing) pricing will not be adjusted in coming 2008. Clothings are the most difficult items to handle, sometimes, we even think about to remove all of them from our custom product lists.

    CEO & Excutive Director

12/12/2007 12:35:04
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