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New plan and new products in 2009 Reply

    Dear All,

    Thanks for all your continuous support with us.

    In year 2008, we DID put all efforts on ArtsCow's projects, it brings us the core products: Photo Books, Photo Calendars, Photo Playing Cards, and also the greatest photo book designers developed with Microsoft Silverlight 2.0.

    In year 2009, we will focus on ArtsNow again, and bring lots of new products, and enhance our Marketplace to attract more sales. Especially, we will apply the "Product Designer by Silverlight 2.0" for each product, you can add text and add collage for all products we offer.

    Here are some new products that will be launched in 2009, including Custom Photo Purse Bags, Bag Hangers, Bar Mats, Can Coolers, Neckties, Carpets, Large Size Binyl Banner, Large Size Collage Posters, Large Size Collage Canvas and so on.

    We will improve our quality and do better shipment time control.

    For all VIP/Reseller/SuperVIPs, we highly recommmend you all to join our MSN Live Messenger support [at] for better communication. For most cases, you will get answers and problems sovled instantly if it is during our Hong Kong office hours.

    Thank you very much.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    P.S.: Here is the arrangement of our Chinese New Year holidays 2009.

    CEO & Executive Director
22/12/2008 22:41:27
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