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Who does the work? Reply is a new company at this moment, we have spent 2 years to get this great website system tested and ready, and now it is running about 1 year smoothly. We only got 30 products to be personalized from the beginning. But until today, we got over 200 products to be personalized, and much more new great items are coming soon.

    We sourced and produced all products in mainland China, there are over 50 experienced staff doing personalized production, especially those 10 experienced watches experts, they have produced over 200,000 pcs unique design wrist watches in last 12 months. Since the cost of production in China is well controlled, that is why we can sell Personalized Watches (for example) at only $5.99 - $6.99, Personalized Mousepads at $2.99 to resellers, with FREE SHIPPING by Airmail. We believe that the lower and better prices of our products, the more sales our reseller, premium and vip domain store owners can get.

    And in Hong Kong, there are about 20 staff doing customer service, website system upgrading, web designing, adding new products, quality control the finished products before shipment, and packing and shipping, and so on.

    We are proud that our website system is easy and simple to use, and Resellers and VIP domain stores are getting 100% privacy (100% hidden, the end users can not track back to More staff in Hong Kong and China joined us, we are going to move the office and factory again for the fast expansion.

    The average age of ArtsNow management team is 32 years old only, we are full of vitality, originality and creativity. We will do our best to make this great system running well and grow up quickly. We hope more and more resellers, premium and VIP domain store owners can earn a lot through


    CEO & Executive Director
6/14/2007 9:55:35 AM
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