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William reply ASAP Reply

    [size=5]I have sent e-mails and have not received an answer. I have a VIP store customer who returned a product and is waiting for her refund. You are not answering her and she is getting very upset. Order #382942. If there is an alternate e-mail you would like me to send her email to, let me know.[/size]

8/20/2008 7:26:48 PM

RE:William reply ASAP Reply


    Still waiting..........
8/22/2008 1:02:45 AM

RE:RE:William reply ASAP Reply

    Dear lord...

8/23/2008 8:30:00 PM

RE:RE:RE:William reply ASAP Reply

    and waiting.........
8/24/2008 7:59:48 PM

Berry - I need an answer TODAY. Reply

    And here's the BS we have to try to explain because we don't get answers....

    an e-mail from a customer who I'm sure won't be coming back....

    "HI, this is the thrid time I have emailed you about my refund. It has been over a month and no response on the refund. You have the product back so I expect you to keep up your end of the deal. I was worried that this was a scam business and now you are proving it to me. Please don't make me report you to the Better Business Bureau. I have saved all of your emails and order receipts. I have tried to be patient and nice about this. I know it is only $18, but it is the principal of it all. Please send me an email to tell me the status of my refund."
8/24/2008 8:47:57 PM

RE:Berry - I need an answer TODAY. Reply

    No WAY!! so they sent back the item and AN have not refunded them after a month!!
8/25/2008 4:47:15 AM

Haley Carter
RE:RE:Berry - I need an answer TODAY. Reply

    How are you a "scam business" when she obviously received the product she ordered? I can understand that she is upset about the wait on her refund. I've had well established companies take that long for my refund also. But do you (or she) have proof that it was actually delivered? Maybe AN hasn't actually received it yet. International mail (outside of AN) has been iffey lately also. She is way too hot headed over this.

    Another way to solve the problem I suppose is to just send her a refund via paypal or something and eat the loss.
8/27/2008 12:41:37 PM

L. Singbiel Taurus
RE:RE:RE:Berry - I need an answer TODAY. Reply

    I know I'm resurrecting a very old post, but I'd like to inquire about the solution to this problem. What eventually happened in this situation when all was said and done? Was her order refunded by AN? Or did you have to refund her using PayPal and eat the loss?

1/4/2009 2:39:03 PM

RE:William reply ASAP Reply

    No WAY!! so they sent back the item and AN have not refunded them after a month!!
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12/20/2012 2:38:26 PM

Tracy Murphy
RE:RE:RE:RE:Berry - I need an answer TODAY. Reply

    I know this is an old post but personally I would get the customer to mail the item to my own address. Then that way I know whether it was actually returned or not. It isn't an ideal solution but at least you would get the merchandise back. Processing the refund is the tricky part though unless you do it out of pocket.
12/21/2012 4:34:30 PM
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