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Help me to fix this.... Reply

    So, my desktop has been acting up lately I have a Dell.. paid like 1200 for it a couple years ago and the other day it turned off and it wouldn’t turn back on, I opened the case blew out some dust and tried a couple times and it worked. So I used it but it smelled kinda weird from the fan in the power supply.

    Today it turned off and will not turn back on again, I d/c everything vacuumed all the dust I could still nothing. When I press the button the fans will spin for a second then stop.

    Just curious if anyone knows what to do. I'm thinking I just need a new power supply but if I don’t need to spend the money I won’t.

    Thanks alot.

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25/1/2013 19:45:33

Tracy Murphy
RE:Help me to fix this.... Reply

    Sounds like you definitely need a new power supply and/or fans if it keeps shutting down like that. Is your computer in a well ventilated area? Overheating can ruin your PC. If it is under warranty perhaps the vendor can fix it?
27/1/2013 13:38:30
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