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Fred Virgo
Quick Guide to help you suggest new products for AN Reply

    Good afternoon,

    Just thought it might help a bit if I posted a quick guide on what to consider when suggesting new products for AN.

    As AN uses basically two (2) printing processes for our products, there are certain limitations in both size, shape and weight for products.

    1. In the DTG (direct To garment) printing, the item is placed flat onto a tray and a printing head passes over the item. Just like printing a sheet of paper in your printer except the printer head iteslf moves from left to right and goes from the top of the product towards the bottom.

    The product has to be flat, tight and straight. Wether it's a t-shirt or gang printing watch faces or cards, it has to be flat.

    2. In sublimation transfer printing, the artwork is printed as a sublimation ink heat transfer, then heat pressed onto the product. Mousepads, coasters, mugs are sublimation printed.

    Of course we have calenders, postes, notes, etc.. .and these are printed on a high speed press and the sheets of paper are flat so no problem there.

    If an item is round (ball, globe, etc...), oval or has sides such as a tray, then the alternative may be to sublimation print a ceramic tile and then glue the tile onto a tray, plaque, stand, etc...

    The next thing to consider is the actual size and weight of the item.

    Posters, notes, watches, mousepads, etc.. are fairly small, compact and/or light in weight. Mugs are heavy and priced as such.

    Wood is heavy and would/may be costly to ship, especially if shipping is free. Metal keyrings are light and compact. Metal picture frames and other large metal items are both heavy and bulky.

    To help me consider what I would like to see AN start to offer, I think of it like this:

    What would it cost me to ship this item? How big is it? What does the item cost to produce? What is the selling price of the item? Would I make a reasonable profit after all of my costs have been taken into consideration, including the shipping of the item to the customer? I let myself make my own comparison and if I think it would be too costly, I don't consider it.

    A point to ponder is, AN uses certain size templates for their printing. If you notice, there template sizes go (as an example) 600x600 pixels. This size fits most watches, 3" magnet,1" mini button, rubber coaster, etc..

    The 1500x1500 pixels template fits the tote bags, t-shirts, jr. hoodie, etc.. and so forth. Their templates allow them to produce quality products at a pre-determined size.

    The umbrella template size is 16.38" x 21". They actually print just the panel for the umbrella before it's assembled to the umbrella frame.

    Hope this made sense and hope it helps.

    Melbourne FL
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29/6/2009 2:37:04
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