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Scrapbook kits Reply

    Is there a way to add My own kits . so my customers are able to use them in their designs?
16/11/2010 23:16:56

Fred Virgo
RE:Scrapbook kits Reply

    Hi Martha,

    I'm not familiar with scrapbooking and kits so I hope someone here may be able to answer you.

    If you don't receive any help, you can get hold of AN at and ask.


    >Is there a way to add My own kits . so my customers are able to use them in their designs?

    Super VIP Store
    [B]My Homestead store to sell my AN products on.
    [B]Clipart ready to use for your products.
17/11/2010 8:20:20

Gary Younkin
RE:RE:Scrapbook kits Reply

    Hi, as far as I know this cannot be done however would be awesome to be able to do much like spreadshirt where you can even make a commission with having a design element avaliable for anyone to use.
    This maybe a good suggestion to see if AN could have this done where once we are in silverlight we can access elements or scrap kits, it would give them more business if they offered these while the artists can make a profit for their kits used.

    But currently I see no way of anyone else being able to access it
17/11/2010 9:19:24

Nadia Kerr
RE:Scrapbook kits Reply

    Nope, kits and scrapbook stuff only appears to be part of ArtsCow, not the ArtsNow site. VIP's don't have access to this. Its annoying because I see alot of value add from this being available to my customers too. :-(
30/1/2011 8:19:45
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